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Social Media Intel

Social Media IntelSRC Investigations is proud to introduce the Most Powerful Social Media Investigative Program the Industry has to offer.
It is well documented that the use and abuses of Social Media has sky rocketed. It is also entirely relevant that most people today use Social Media for personal and business use. Social Media Intel is a systematic investigative approach that helps ensure individuals of interest are exactly who they present themselves as being.

What is SMI
SMI is your gateway to developing Intel on your Subject through deep web research and millions of databases records.
How SMI Works
In Action, SMI, searches the prominent sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Google, but it does not stop there. Equipped with expert computer technology, a SRC Certified OUTLOOK AGENT diligently and methodically launches innovative tools and research methods to uncover Intel regarding your subject.
SMI Deliverables
An Investigative Mind paired with Computer technology yields tangible results:
>Pictures or video of the Subject
>Evidence of employment through e-commerce activity
>Past, Present or Future Activity Plans
>Indicators/Patterns for Strategic Surveillance

SMI Services


A Comprehensive Social Media Snapshot


SMI Snapshot
Your own Certified Outlook Agent conducts an in-depth review of Social Media Sites to develop a SUBJECT SNAPSHOT. Preliminary research is based on the subject’s identifiers and reveals the subjects social media presence.

SMI Portfolio – Social Media profile with Criminal and unlimited Database Search


SMI Portfolio
SMI Snapshot gives you just that – a snapshot of your Subject. With SMI Portfolio, your Certified Lookout Agent delves deeper into the background of the subject, performing a “deep web search” (including all of the Social Media sites in the SMI Snapshot) but also revealing intel such as property ownership, professional licensing, possible involvement with a corporation, their Criminal, Civil and Driving history. Equipped with our exclusive Streamlined Research Engine, your Lookout Agent will accesses millions of records to provide you with 3D Portrait of your subject.

Social Media Profile with 4 hour Reality Check


SMI Reality Check
Once the either the SMI Snapshot or Portfolio are developed, our dedicated team scrutinizes the Intel and creates a custom tailored strategic Reality Check, conducted by our investigative field team. Years of Investigative Experience have proven that it is important to cross reference Internet findings with an On Site Assessment in order to get the Whole Picture.

Social Media monitoring Investigation


SMI Passport
Once our SMI Services identifies your Subject, our Certified Lookout Agent will conduct DAILY monitoring of the Subject’s Social Media. The Intel we discover will be relayed to you and if needed, Immediate Action can be taken.

Our Innovative, Responsive and Alert SMI Process supports and provides you with valuable and critical information about individuals of interest.