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Pre-Employment Screening

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. SRCPI, Inc. helps you look at an applicant’s past behavior in an effort to determine if the applicant is a good fit with your organization and its values. Below are just some of
the pre-employment screening options available from SRCPI, Inc.
Anger Issues>Criminal History Searches – County & Statewide
>National Database Criminal History Searches
>Drug Testing
>SSN Tracker (includes previous address verification)
>Driving Records
>Credit History
>Employment References
>Homeland Security Search
>National Sex Offender Registry Search
>Education/Credentials Verification
>Healthcare Sanctions History Search
>Social Media Intel
Which of the above products should be part of your pre-employment or volunteer
screening process? Contact us today to discuss the type of positions your
organization fills and we’ll explain the benefits of each search type and why you
may want to consider making it part of your pre-employment or volunteer screening