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SRC Private InvestigationsSRCPI Inc. is a full service investigative firm that specializes in all aspects of insurance defense. Since 1991 SRCPI Inc. has worked with top insurance carriers, municipalities, risk managers and third party administrators to detect and document fraud in the insurance industry. SRCPI Inc offers mobile surveillance, video surveillance, background analysis, claims investigation, witness location, recorded statements, criminal checks, neighborhood and witness canvasses, and Alive and Well interviews. Key to the success of SRC is our ability to provide superior results through legal, ethical and proven investigative techniques.

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We're Experienced Professionals
SRC Investigations has been providing Service, Reliability and Commitment to all of our clients since 1991. Our team consists of multi cultural, male and female investigators who live in the regions where they work. Every Investigator has years of field experience and has built long standing resources in their jurisdictions to provide essential information on the cases they handle. Our resources, insights and networks benefit our clients on each and every case. We do not shoot in the dark and our mission is to target your specific objectives each and every time. We leave nothing to chance, and our amazing and consistent results come from preparation meeting opportunity.
We're Thorough
 SRCPI Inc. is known for its accurate reporting, integrity in the field and for exceeding our client’s expectation in its pursuit to handle each case thoroughly and effectively.
We're Responsive
SRCPI Inc. has investigators positioned throughout our coverage area to provide a fast reaction time on assignments while ensuring that each territory is handled by an investigator who has a working knowledge of the culture, geography and available resources in that area.
We're Available
SRCPI Inc. is available 24 hours a day, every day! We are an investigative team that functions as an extension of our Client’s business with the sole purpose of minimizing liability and resolving any investigative challenges.
We're Flexible
SRCPI Inc. handles Rush Assignments and conducts weekend surveillance without additional cost.
We're Reputable
SRCPI Inc. is proud of our stellar reputation, we have not been involved in any litigation or had negative repercussions based on our investigative methods.
We're Customer Focused
SRCPI Inc. handles each case on an individual basis and targets surveillance to suit the needs of the case. Unless specified, we limit surveillance to 4 hour increments staggered over several days to ensure a complete overview of a Claimant’s daily routines.
We're Well Trained
SRCPI Inc. employs highly trained and experienced, male and female adjusters and investigators who are equipped with state of the art video and technical equipment. We also have bi-lingual adjusters and investigators on staff.
We're Technology Driven
SRCPI Inc. offers 24 hour virtual access to investigative reports and videos through our secure servers.

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